Lavender Love Sachets

Making Mini Heart Lavender Sachets

I’ve made thousands of these sweet little lavender heart sachets for wedding favors, valentines, and everyday tokens of love. Hide them somewhere to be found later, like a coat pocket or drawer. You’ll love hearing the stories about when and how your hearts are discovered, and how scrumptious they smell!

Follow these simple steps and share the love!

1. First, gather your materials.

  •  Fabric. Use a cotton fabric, or try something like lace or tulle on the front to make the lavender visible. I prefer a fabric with natural fibers, like a cotton or linen.
  • Thread. This is used for top stitching. I prefer thread with a heavier weight.
  •  Needle. If using heavy thread, you need a needle with a larger eye.
  •  Dried lavender
  •  Scissors
  •  Paper for pattern

1. Make a pattern. My hearts are approximately 3″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide. A Post It Note is roughly the right size. Fold the paper in half and draw half of the heart. Cut it out. Unfold the pattern.

2. Pin the pattern to your fabric and cut two hearts.

3. Begin sewing. Start on the front side about a third of the way down the center line of the heart. Leave 4-5″ of tail.

Continue sewing around the edge of the heart about 1/8″ from the side edges until you get all around and to the top right of the heart.

4. Open the heart and stuff with lavender. I like mine very full so the heart is plump.

5. After stuffing, continue stitching back to where you started. Leave another long tail of thread.

Tie the tails into a bow. Trim the edges if needed, or use pinking shears for a ruffled look.

Enjoy giving your hearts away. They will be a sweet-smelling surprise for any loved one in your life.