January Juniper Berries, Greenery and Herbal Beauty

Juniper is one of my favorite Winter botanicals.  It’s a hardy and resinous shrub with pungent green or silver boughs, sturdy wood and blue, green and silver berries.  It has a frosty, cool scent that is a bit sharp and bitter, reminiscent of citrus and pine.  It works well in Winter Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnieres as it’s naturally evergreen and brings a woodsy element into the flower design or decor.

lavender and greenery winter boutonniere lavender cedar juniper lichens hemp twine


In herbal folklore, Juniper is associated with fertility and protection.  It is used as incense and for many culinary (gin is made from juniper berries) and medicinal products.

Fresh Montana Juniper Berries


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